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Getting Started as a Parent

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 06:26AM UTC
Welcome to Bloomz !!! Our mission at Bloomz is to help teachers save time and to make it easy for the parents to be in the know. As parents we want to be informed about what is happening in our child's classroom. Parents often times want to help the teacher with some class tasks, but we do not know how and when. Bloomz is the perfect app for us to be involved in our child's world. Please go through some of the articles below to get started. 

Joining my class on Bloomz  - New to Bloomz
Joining Class Using Class Access Code - New User
Creating a Parent Account Using Invitation Code
Creating a Room Parent Account Using Invitation Code
Class Access Pending Approval
Leaving a Class

Joining another class on Bloomz  - Already have an account
Joining Class Using Class Access Code - Inside App
Accepting an Invitation

Inviting Spouse
Invite Spouse by Entering Email

Posting updates and messaging on Bloomz
Private Reply to Teacher
Message to the Class (Class Chat)
Like a Post
Comment on a Post
Messaging My Contacts
Message your class parents about Pooling a Gift for your teacher
Posting Updates and Sharing Photos with My Group

Translation of Updates
Setting My Preferred Language
Seeing Posts in My Preferred Language

RSVP to events in Bloomz
RSVP to a Calendar Invitation
Adding an Event to a Personal Calendar
Invite Class Parents for your child's Birthday Party
Linking My Personal Calendar with Bloomz

Signing up to be a volunteer in my class
How to Sign Up to Be a Volunteer?
How do I Cancel my Volunteer Task?
How to Ask a Question on a Volunteer Task?

Signing up for Parent Teacher Conferences scheduled by my teacher
Signing Up for a Parent Teacher Conference Slot
How to Remove My Sign Up for a Slot?
Signing up for Multiple Time Slots of a Parent Teacher Conference

My Account Settings
Changing My Password
Changing My Email Address
Forgot Password
Uploading My Profile Picture
Inviting My Spouse
Signing Out 
Email Settings