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Getting Started as a Teacher

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2017 05:26AM UTC
Welcome to Bloomz! At Bloomz, our mission is to help teachers save time and make it easy for parents to be involved in their child's class. Every minute that we give back to teacher is a way to show our gratitude towards them. Thank you for choosing Bloomz as your tool for parent communication & coordination. Getting started with Bloomz is very easy. Check out the articles below:

Watch video overview of Bloomz
36-min video overview of Bloomz for School admins and Teachers

Signing up on Bloomz
Creating a Teacher Account 
Creating a Teacher Account with Invitation Code

Creating my Class & Setting up a theme
Creating a Class
Setting a Theme for My Class
Parent to Parent Communication Controls
Transitioning to New School Year

Inviting Parents to my Class
Invite by Typing Emails Manually or by Copy & Pasting
Invite Using Your Phone's Email App or Gmail App
Generating Class Access Code for My Class
Text Sign Up using Class Access Code
Inviting Administrators to my Class

Managing Membership of my Class
Approving a parent with Limited Access to Class
Removing a Parent from My Class
Changing the Role of a Parent in My Class
Deleting a Class
Inviting Co-Teachers to My Class
Inviting Room Parents to My Class
Inviting Class Admin to My Class

Posting Updates & Messages to my Class
Posting Updates and Sharing Photos & Files with My Class
Posting Announcements to My Class
Posting an Alert to My Class
Posting a Private Update to a Parent
Messaging My Class 
Editing a Post
Deleting a Post
Disabling Comments on My Posts/ Announcement/ Alerts
Scheduling Posts to My Class
Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Post

Sharing files, documents with my Class
Read Receipts for Posts and Messages

Building Student Timelines - Student Portfolios:
Adding Students to my class
Associating Parents and Students
Enabling Student QR Code for iPADs
Enabling Student Access Codes for Chrome Books or Laptops
Posting Student work to the Student Timeline
Students posting their work to their Timeline using iPad
Students posting their work to their Timeline using Chrome Books or Laptops
Reviewing Student Work
Enabling Student Timelines for your class
Accessing Student Timelines

Behavior Management - 
Managing the behavior of the students

Managing my Class Calendar 
Adding an Event in a Class Calendar 
Requesting an RSVP
Editing an Event
Deleting an Event
Removing an Alert for an Event
Importing a School Calendar 

Asking Volunteers for my Class
Requesting Volunteers for My Class
Assigning Parents to Volunteer Tasks

Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences in my Class
Scheduling Parent Teacher Conference 
Adding More Parents to Parent Teacher Conference
How Are Parents Notified about the Parent Teacher Conference?
Assigning Parent Teacher Conference Slots to Parents

Adding Albums to My Class
Creating Albums in My Class
Adding Photos to Albums
Deleting Albums

Translating my updates automatically 
Setting My Preferred Language
Seeing Posts in My Preferred Language

Managing my Bloomz account
Uploading My Profile Picture
Changing My Password
Forgot Password
Changing My Email Address