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Inviting Room Parents to My Class

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 04:24AM UTC

Often Teachers have a Parent in the class who helps him/her with class communication and event scheduling etc.,  Bloomz provides Room Parent role in a class for those parents who are teacher's helpers. Room Parent role has similar privileges as a Teacher in the class.

Inviting a Room Parent to the Class
Changing the a Parent role into a Room Parent

Inviting a Room Parent to the Class

  1. Tap on All Groups at the top left corner
  2. The left navigation tray opens up
  3. Click on Invite to Group 
  4. Click on the Name of the Class in the Invite to Which Group? screen
  5. Click the Room Parent role in For Which Role? screen
  6. Select one of the three invite options in How to Invite? screen
  7. Send the Invite.

Changing the Parent role into a Room Parent

If you have invited a Parent to the class and you want to change his/ her role to Room Parent, see this.