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Scheduling My Posts or Announcements to the Class

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2017 07:37PM UTC
You can now schedule a post to the class. Create a Post and set a date and time for it to be sent to the recipients. Follow these steps - 
  1. Navigate to your class
  2. Click on +Create in the Class feed or Home (If on Desktop)
  3. Click on + icon on the bottom right corner of the Class Feed screen (If on iPhone App or Android app)
  4. Click Post
  5. In the Post creation form at the bottom tap Schedule icon 
  6. Schedule For field with date and time picker will be seen.
  7. Select a future Date and Time
  8. Input text in the title and body of the post, attach files or pictures 
  9. Click Schedule on the top right corner
  10. Scheduled successfully message will be seen.
On Desktop:

The scheduled post will be saved as a draft and will be delivered in the future date and time that you specify. You can view the scheduled posts by clicking on the 1 Scheduled link that you see in the Class feed or the Home.