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Bloomz Full Feature List!

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2018 09:35PM UTC
Here is the full feature list that Bloomz offers. 

Inserting pictures
Attaching Files
Scheduling posts for future dates
Enabling/Disabling Comments
Facebook Share
Read Receipts
Post Options
Inserting Videos 
Print Updates Feed

Private Reply (Context-based one to one messaging)
One-to-one messaging
One-to-many messaging
Class/group chat
Pictures and File sharing in Messages
Read Receipts
Print Message threads

Event with Invites & RSVP ON
Event with Invites No RSVP ON
Event Added to Calendar Notify All
Event Added to Calendar Do Not Notify All
Configurable  Options 
Recurrence Events
Calendar Sync (iCAL)
Email Event History (Premium)
Calendar Views - Month, Weekly, Day, List views (Premium)

Volunteer Requests
Party invites with RSVP & items and help
Item requests
Help requests
Recurring help requests
Assigning Volunteers
Removing Assigned Volunteers

Parent Teacher Conference
Scheduling Conference
Saving Conference as draft
Opening it up for only for few parents
Opening it up for all parents
Assigning Parents (Not on Bloomz) to slots
Editing Conference Details and Slots
Printing Conference Schedule
Keep sign-ups private

Creating Albums
Adding Photos
Adding Documents
Photo/ Video Downloads (Premium)
Year End Video (Premium)
Theming the group Pages with Cover Photos/ Mascot Images
Profile Photos

Studen Portfolios 
Adding Students
Student Access Codes (QR Code & Access Code)
Student access to app on iOS and Android apps & Desktop
Pictures, Annotations, Voice Recording, Videos, File sharing
Student work submissions by students using iPad, Chromebook, desktop
Approvals by Teacher
Teacher posting student work
Student Timelines Access to Parents, Students and Teachers
Notifications for Parents

Behavior Management 
Class level Behavior management setting 
Student profiles - Flower pots, Pokemon Monster themes
Behavior Settings - Sounds, Sort order, points on the grid, points to bloom the flower
Full Screen of student grid
Add/ Edit or Delete Award Types 
Ability to give the award to each student or the whole class, or teams with notes
Reset Points
Retract given awards
Email to parents of the student - Daily summary of awards given to the student 
Award summary and Goal summary in the Student Timelines
Access to student awards only to the parents of the student
Behavior Reports 
End of the day behavior summary email to the parents
Class Goals (Coming soon!)

Membership management
Add/ Edit the name of the members
Changing roles of the members
Removing Members
Approval Policies
Member Verification
Parent to Parent communication Control
Spouse connection
Grouping of Parents by Child
Invite members from one group to another

School Hierarchy (Premium)
Verified Communities
Creating Classes
Creating subgroups
Role-based privileges
School-wide updates
Updates to specific classes or subgroups
Calendar sync
Class Communication Copies
Engagement reports for the entire school

Role-based invitations
Copy pasting of emails or phone numbers
Invite using existing Contact groups using your phone's email or Gmail
Bulk Import using CSV file of Emails
Class/ Group/ Community Access Code 

SMS Signups
One way communication
Can view the Content (140 chars)
Invite via phone number
Sign in using Phone number

Translation into 84 languages
Auto translation
User-driven translation
Google APIs

Email Notifications for web signups
Push Notifications (APNS/GCM)
Badge Notifications
Auto Turn off the Email Notification Settings for users who downloaded the Smart Phone app
Email Notification Settings - profile level
Push Notification Settings - profile level
Quiet Hours
Notification center
Flagging Posts/Comments
Deleting Posts/Comments
Muting Members at group level
Muting a personal connection
Removing Members

Ease of Use
Intuitive navigation
Guided-onboarding with Learnability card
Facebook-like experience for instant familiarity
Inline Videos for features

Available everywhere
Web-based app on all browsers
Mobile-responsive website
iOS native app
Android native app
One app for all roles – users can play multiple roles (teacher/parent/admin) in the same app

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