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Getting Started as a School Admin

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2018 09:04PM UTC
Welcome to  Bloomz ! At Bloomz, our mission is to help increase parental engagement which is key for a child's emotional well-being and academic success. By enabling Bloomz for your school, you can send school wide updates and also updates specific to few classes/ groups. You can easily access all the classes in your community and monitor the communications. Parents receive the school updates,class updates and events and sign up sheets all in one place.

Watch video overview of Bloomz
36-min video overview of Bloomz for School admins and Teachers

Step 1: Signing up on Bloomz
Create a School Admin account
Note: If you've already submitted your form, please wait for your school admin account to be approved.

Step 2: Community Settings
Setting a Theme for your Community
Importing School Calendar
Parent to Parent Communication Controls

Step 3: Create Classes & Sub Groups
Create Classes in your Community
Create Sub Groups

Step 4: Invite Members to Community
Invite other Admins to your community
Invite Teachers to respective Classes
Invite Parents to respective Classes
Invite Members to Sub Groups
Invite by manually typing / copy pasting emails
Invite Using Your Phone's Email App or Gmail App
Invite Using Bulk Invite

Managing Membership of the Community
Removing a Member from Community
Changing the Role of a Member in Community
Changing the Role of an Invited Member in Community
Verifying Members in a Community
Deleting Classes in a Community
Inviting parents in one class to another class
Creating a PTA group in my school community

Posting Updates to the Community
Posting Updates and Sharing Photos & Files with My Community
Posting Announcements to My Community
Posting an Alert to My Community
Editing a Post
Deleting a Post
Disabling Comments on My Posts/ Announcement/ Alerts
Scheduling Posts to My Community
Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Post

Sharing files, documents with my Class
Read Receipts for Posts and Messages
Post my Bloomz Update to Facebook
Adding captions to the photos

Managing the Community Calendar 
Adding an Event in a Community Calendar 
Requesting an RSVP
Editing an Event
Deleting an Event
Removing an Alert for an Event
Importing a School Calendar 

Asking Volunteers for the Community events
Requesting Volunteers for My Class 
Assigning Parents to Volunteer Tasks

Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences 
Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences for each class

Adding Albums to the Community
Creating Albums
Adding Photos to Albums
Deleting Albums

Engagement/ Usage Reports of the Community
Email Events History as a PDF
Behavior Reports of students in each class

Translating my updates automatically 
Setting My Preferred Language
Seeing Posts in My Preferred Language

Merging duplicate classes 

Year End Transition

Managing my Bloomz account
Uploading My Profile Picture
Changing My Password
Forgot Password
Changing My Email Address