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How to Transition to the New School Year

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 12:36AM UTC
Did your school year end? Here is how to prepare for your new school year and close out the old school year on Bloomz!

Scenario 1 (Recommended): Keep the existing class and create a new one.  Note: Archiving your old classes in on roadmap. When it is introduced, you will be able to simply archive your current class. At that point, all the old classes and its content will be removed from your views while allowing you and/or parents to view specific content. 

In this scenario, you will still be seeing old content along with new content until the archival feature is implemented. Old parents will still be seen in your My contacts list. 

Scenario 2: Delete the existing class and create a new one. 
If you choose to start on a clean slate with none of the old content at this point, you can delete the old class and create a new one by clicking on +Add/Join Class in the left menu. Once you delete the class, all the Posts, Photos, Events and Class chat will be deleted from the main feed and the class cannot be accessed anymore by you or parents. If you choose to do so, we suggest you make an announcement to your parents that you will be deleting the class, so they can download any photos if they want to prior to your deletion. Scenario 3: Repurpose the existing class if only subset of your class members change 
This is mainly for classes which have mixed grades and only a few students graduate from the current class. In this case, you can remove the parents who are no longer part of the class and leave the rest of them. You can invite the new set of parents who are joining this year to the class. This way all the content that has been added to the class still remains.