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How to enable Student Portfolios for a class?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2017 11:00PM UTC
As soon as you navigate into your class, you will be prompted about the Student Portfolios feature. If you want to turn ON the Student Portfolio for your existing class, click Yes in this prompt.

If you miss this prompt or by mistake if you clicked on No. You can still turn ON the Student Portfolios from your Class Settings. 
  • Click on class name in the left menu
  • Click on the Settings wheel on the top right corner of the class page to open the menu
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Turn ON Student Portfolios
  • Click Done

Once you enabled the student timelines for your class: 
  1. All the existing students will be listed in the Members>Students tab of your clsss. If you have to add more students, please do so. Check out the links below.
  2.  Existing parents and the students will be automatically associated.
  3.  Enable Student Access Code
  4.  If you have iPads in your class, have your students post their work 
  5.  Review their work and publish it to parents
  6.  If you do not have iPads in your class, you can post the student work to parents

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