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How to give Awards to Students?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018 09:02PM UTC
Now, behavior tracking can also be done through Bloomz!!!!As a teacher, you can give awards to students in your class to track their behavior. While giving the award you can add a note to the parent. Parents will have access to the awards logs of their child. Periodic reports and milestones achieved by the students can be sent as notifications to the parents (Coming Soon!). 

To give Awards
  • Click on your class name in the left menu
  • Click on Behavior tab in the Updates screen of your class page
  • Click on the student name
  • Award Student screen will pop 
  • Click on the award you want to give
  • Award gets added to the student
PS: The award that is given will be seen in the Awards tab of the student timeline > Behavior. Lear how to view the awards given to the student here.