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What is released in Behavior Management and what is coming next?

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2017 02:29AM UTC
Existing capabilities in the Behavior Management Feature - 
  • Enabling Behavior component for existing classes
  • Adding students 
  • Associating parents
  • Giving Award to a student or the whole class
  • Sounds while giving awards
  • Send notes to parents
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete awards types in default categories
  • Default goal for the entire class (25 points to bloom a flower)
  • Flower progression 
  • Awards log of each student
  • Parent access to awards log
  • Retract Points
  • Attendance
  • Teams (Creating student teams and assigning points to teams)
  • Milestone Posts in the feed and also in the Awards log
  • Reset Points
  • Flower progress to Parents
  • Reports - Class & individual Student report
  • End of the day Behavior summary email to parents
  • Ability to filter awards in a student's timeline by groups
  • Class Goals
  • Custom Award Type Icons
  • Custom Award Categories