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How to enable Student Access Codes?

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2016 08:58PM UTC
If you enabled student timelines option for your class, then you will be provided an option to enable the Student Access Code for your class. If your students use laptops or Chrome books, you can provide them the Student Code. If they use iPads, you can provide them the QR Code. 

To enable the Student Access Code for students: 
  • Click on your class in the left navigation tray
  • Click on the Access Codes in the cover photo area
  • Click For Students
  • Student Access code window is seen
  • Click Get Student Code
  • Click on Enable Student Code
  • Click on Extend to extend the validity of the code

PS: If your students use iPads in the classroom, please enable the QR Code that they scan using the iPad. Click here to view, how to enable the QR Code.