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How to access Behavior Reports of my Class?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018 09:21PM UTC
Viewing Behavior Reports from Class page
Viewing Behavior Reports from All groups 
Sorting the Reports
Pulling Reports for a time range

How to view the Behavior Reports of my Students ?
  • Click on the name of the class in the left menu
  • Click on Behavior tab in the Updates
  • Click Options
  • Click Reports

You can also get to the behavior reports of your class from All Groups: 
  • Click on All Groups
  • Click Updates icon on the top menu 
  • Click Behavior 
  • Click on View reports in the class behavior summary card

How to sort the reports? 
  • Go to the reports page of your class
  • Click on By First Name to open the options for sort
  • You can sort the reports by First Name, Last Name, Total Points, Total Good Job points, Total Needs Work points, Total Percentage etc., by clicking on one of the options

How to get reports for a time range?
  • Go to the reports page of your class
  • Click on Show All to open the calendar
  • You can filter the reports to a certain day, week, month or a date range by clicking on the bottom tabs in the calendar