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What is the difference between a childcare room and a class?

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018 10:04PM UTC
There is only one difference between childcare rooms and classes: the age group of the students. The features of each group type are listed below.

Childcare Room:
  • Meant for daycare setups
  • Students are usually infants/toddlers
  • Daily activity tracked:
    • how many diapers were changed
    • how many times a child napped
    • how many times they were fed, etc.
  • Meant for students in Preschool - 12th
  • Teacher can track:
    • homework turned in
    • respectfulness
    • teamwork, etc.

Other features like posts, announcements, alerts, calendars, sign ups, parent teacher conferences, and portfolios are available in both group types.