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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018 04:59PM UTC
Bloomz has changed its UI to make items more accessible.
Changes to the Navigation
Changes to Create button
Messages breakdown

Changes to the Navigation
In the old navigation, the Updates, Calendar, Media, and My Contacts buttons were shown on the top bar. Now, they are shown as icons above the top bar. The sections within the tabs are now shown on the top bar. The theme color of the class/group is now displayed as a bar next to the class/group name.

Old Navigation:

New Navigation:

Changes to create button
The Create button has been moved to be inline with the top bar, rather than above it. The button also changes color with the theme color of the page.

Old Create button:

New Create button:

Messages breakdown
When in the All Groups page, Bloomz will display messages from all the classes/groups. However, when Bloomz is showing a class/group page, only messages from that class/group will display.

All Groups:

Within a Class:

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