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Merging classes created by teachers into your community

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018 03:51AM UTC
If the teachers of your school have already created classes and are already using them, the Bloomz team can pull those classes into your school community when you are enabling your school community.

Most of the times it happens automatically when the Bloomz team enables your community. But in few cases, where the teachers have created classes by creating duplicate schools, then you will need to inform the Bloomz team and they can help you pull those classes into your community.

How to check if all the classes that were created prior to enabling the community are there or not? 
Click on the community name in the left menu 
Click Classes/Groups
All the classes belonging to your community will be listed in there 
If any of the classes are missing, write to or your Bloomz point of contact. They will be able to help you. 

Seeing unwanted duplicate classes
In the classes/ groups tab of your community, if you see duplicate or old classes, you can delete them.
To delete the classes in your community - 

Click on the community in the left menu 
Click Classes/ Group tab 
Click on the +Icon across the class
Click Delete Class