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List of features released in 2018-19

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2019 07:35PM UTC
We released the following features in the year 2018-2019
  • Messages Translation 
  • Parents Settings - Can Parents Comment, Can Parents Post, Can Parents Add albums 
  • Invite to Multiple Groups at the same time 
  • "My Sign-Ups" in the Sign ups tab 
  • School admin being able to see all the private messages between teachers and parents including the deleted message threads 
  • SMS notifications is an opt-in feature when the parent phone number is added by the teacher 
  • Post feed performance optimizations
  • Sponsorships platform 
  • Screen Reader (iOS app & Android app)
  • Student Accounts (supported on all three platforms)
    • ​Generic student codes for a class
    • Student specific codes for a class 
    • Joining as a student with an email address
    • Joining as a student with a phone number
    • Student app (Feed, Calendar, Groups, Portfolio and Behavior, Messaging)
  • Conference / Office hours  - Teachers can invite students to Conferences now
  • Ability to send communication Role wise (Only to students, only to parents or both students and parents etc.,)
  • Moderation of Posts and Comments 
    • ​Set as Moderator
    • Remove as Moderator
    • Moderate posts and comments and made by parents 
  • School Admin Enhancements
    • Membership Management
      • Adding students from one class to another ( parents of the students can also be added to the new class while moving the students)
      • Bulk delete members
      • Bulk edit role 
      • Bulk invite to other groups 
    • Classroom / Group Management
      • Bulk delete groups/ classes
      • Bulk edit setting of groups/ classes 
      • Invite/ Add members to multiple groups at once
  • Teacher Membership Tiers 
    • Basic 
    • Sponsored
    • Premium 

We released the following features in the year 2017-2018

Bulk membership management  Premium Products  Premium Features 
Behavior Management  ​Volunteer Requests/ Parent Teacher Conferences Others