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Upcoming Updates

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 04:54PM UTC

Here is a sneak peek into the new updates released recently and the upcoming updates - 

Coming Soon (Under Development): 
  • Student Accounts 
    • The ability for the students to create accounts using email/ Phone number 
    • The ability for the teachers to invite students to the class
    • The ability for the teachers to post/message to all students or individual students in the class
  • Translation changes
  • Performance optimizations
  • Notification optimizations
Recently published (Aug 27th 2018): 
  • Clever Integration (Schools)
    • The ability for the school administration to set up their community (classes, students, parents) on Bloomz using the clever import. 
Recently published (Aug 27th 2018): 
  • School Admin Gaps
    • The ability for the school admin to join the classes or groups in their community with no invites.
  • Class Settings - Parent permissions - 
    • Post to the class/ community 
    • Comment on post
    • Create albums

Recently published (July 5th 2018): 
  • Behavior Management Gaps/ Enhancements 
    • Ability to give multiple awards to a student or entire class at once
    • Specify whether parents can view the behavior scores or not 
    • Milestone post in the Home feed linked to the behavior log of the student 
    • Show the end of the behavior summary post in the Home feed for parents
    • Not show the milestone posts of all students in the Teacher's feed
    • Ability to automatically reset points 
    • Ability to Student avatars instead of characters
    • Ability to track ongoing behavior without the need for setting milestones
    • Class Goals
    • Animation when the class goal is reached
    • Share class goal with parents
    • Ability to purge student points
    • Specify when to send a notification to parents
A peek into the class goal feature - 

Recently published (June 20th 2018) 
  • Clever Integration (Teachers)
    • If you have a clever login you can create an account on Bloomz using the clever login and Bloomz allows you to import all your clever classes into Bloomz!!!!
    • Already have an account on Bloomz and you want to import your clever classes into Bloomz. You can do that by linking your clever ID to your Bloomz account.

Recently published  (April 18th 2018) 
  • Usability Enhancements & Navigation changes - 
    • Truncation of long posts in the feed with "Read More/ Read Less" links 
    • New flag more prominently is shown in the header of the post to indicate what is new in the feed 
    • Notification count issues 
    • Ability to notify when a document is added to the Media section of a class/ community
    • Ability to reset the notification count without having to act on the notifications in the notification center
    • Ability to land on the last page visited on Bloomz when logged back in
    • Ability to Invite to a class/ group from left nav in one click
    • Repositioned Account Settings for ease of access
    • Clicking on the comment should position the post detail screen in the comments section
    • The "new" flag is added to the commented on the post to show the change in the post 
    • Aggregates Student Portfolios at All groups level for teachers & parents
    • Aggregate Behavior at All groups level for teachers and parents
    • Filtering of the Messages to the group selected in the left navigation