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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018 07:14PM UTC
We are working on a major release which will address most of the usability and navigation issues of the app.
Here is a sneek peak into the new update we will be releasing shortly - 

Coming Soon!
  • Usability Enhancements & Navigation changes - 
    • Truncation of long posts in the feed with Read More/ Read Less links 
    • New flag more prominently shown in the header of the post to indicate what is new in the feed 
    • Notification count issues 
    • Ability to notify when when a document is added to the Media section of a class/ community
    • Ability to reset the notification count without having to act on the notifications in the notification center
    • Ability to land in the last page visited on Bloomz when logged back in
    • Ability to Invite to a class/ group from left nav in one click
    • Repositioned Account Settings for ease of access
    • Clicking on the comment should position the post detail screen at the comments section
    • New flag is added to the commented on post to show the change in the post 
    • Aggregates Student Portfolios at All groups level for teachers & parents
    • Aggregate Behavior at All groups level for teachers and parents
    • Filtering of the Messages to the group selected in the left navigation

Next in line (under development/ testing): 
  • Behavior Management Gaps/ Enhancements 
    • Ability to give multiple awards to a student or entire class at once
    • Specify whether parents can view the behavior scores or not 
    • Milestone post in the Home feed linked to the behavior log of the student 
    • Show the end of the behavior summary post in the Home feed for parents
    • Not show the milestone posts of all students in the Teacher's feed
    • Ability to automatically reset points 
    • Student avatars and no Milestones
    • Class Goals
    • Animation when the class goal is reached
    • Share class goal with parents
    • Ability to purge student points
    • Specify when to send notification to parents