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Transitioning to new school year - School Admins

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018 06:38PM UTC
My school already has classes from last year with students, teachers, parents in it. How do I transition to the new school year? 
Automate the process by using the bulk import mechanism and avoid creating duplicate students. (Recommended)

1) Provide the existing student information from the existing classes - 
  • Please provide us the following information in a CSV file. student_first name, student_last name, student_sis_id, student_grade, class_name, class_id
    • student_first name, student_last name - Please enter the same names as it appears in Bloomz
    • student_sis_id - If you do not have any SIS system and ID's for your students, please enter a sequential number for each student which is unique to them in the student_sis_id column
    • class_name - should be the exact class name in Bloomz, which is from the school year 2017-18. 
    • class_id - should be the id of the existing classes in Bloomz. You can get this by following these steps - 
      • Click on your community in the left nav
      • Click on the Members icon on the top 
      • Click +Members 
      • Click Parent
      • Click Bulk Import
      • Click Get Bulk Import Template
      • Click class ID generated by Bloomz
      • A file with the name of the class and the ID will be downloaded
      • Copy paste the class name and the ID from this file into the class_name and class_id  columns for each student.
  • Send this file to with the following title in the email "Transitioning to next school year - <Name of the school>" 
2) The support team will contact you with the next steps, once they map the Student ID's. 

Create new classes and select parents from the old class and invite them to the new class. (if you do not have students in the classes)
  •  Once you created the new classes, you can go into the old class > Members tab > Click Manage> Select all parents that need to be invited to the new class > Invite> Select the new class > Role> Click Send. The parents need to accept the invite in the notification center to be able to have access to the class page. You can then rename the old classes by adding a prefix 2017-18