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Canceling My Volunteer Sign Up

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 07:23PM UTC
You can cancel your volunteer task by following these simple steps.
  • Tap Signups icon in the bottom menu of the Home screen.
  • Click on the class wanted in the left navigation tray
  • Click on Signups in the menu at the top
  • Click on the Volunteer Event you signed up to be a volunteer of
  • The Volunteer Event details screen is seen
  • Scroll down to see the Items/tasks you signed up for
  • To cancel your sign up, tap on the task/item you signed up for
  • Edit This TaskCan't Bring This Item, Can’t Volunteer or Cancel pop up is seen
  • Tap Can't Bring This Item or Can’t Volunteer and the Sign Up is canceled
  • The creator of the Volunteer Event will be notified about the cancellation.  
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